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Dutch Birding volume 25 (2003) no 1


Blyth's Pipit at Bloemendaal in November 2002

On 24 November 2002, a first-year Blyth's Pipit Anthus godlewskii was trapped at Kennemerduinen, Bloemendaal, Noord-Holland. Its identification was confirmed by its measurements. Its bill width (4.2 mm) was smaller than in Richard's Pipit A richardi or Tawny Pipit A campestris; tarsus length (26.1 mm) was smaller than in Richard's; and wing-tarsus ratio (3.64) ruled out (eastern subspecies of) Richard's and Paddyfield Pipit A rufulus. Interestingly, the hind claws appeared undamaged despite a 4 mm difference in length (10 mm left being too short for Richard's and 14 mm right being too long for Tawny). The colour pattern on the second outermost rectrix t5 was characteristic for Blyth's. This was the third or fourth record for the Netherlands; if accepted, a sighting on Texel, Noord-Holland, on 12 November 2002 would become the third. The first (and the third for Europe) was a first-winter female collected at Westenschouwen, Zeeland, on 13 November 1983 and the second was a first-year at Maasvlakte, Zuid-Holland, on 25-28 October 1996. The number of European records increased by a quarter during October-November 2002 with reports in England, Estonia, Finland (2), the Netherlands (1-2), Norway (2) and Sweden (at least 3). The autumn occurrence of Richard's and Tawny Pipits along the Kennemerland coast of southern Noord-Holland is briefly discussed. Since 1958, at least 57 Richard's Pipits and (only) four Tawny Pipits have been ringed in this region.

Erik Maassen, Wijk aan Zeeërweg 180, 1972 NW IJmuiden, Nederland

Arnoud B van den Berg, Duinlustparkweg 98, 2082 EG Santpoort-Zuid, Nederland