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Dutch Birding volume 26 (2004) no 6


Blue Rock Thrush at Westkapelle in September 2003

A Blue Rock Thrush Monticola solitarius occurred at Westkapelle, Zeeland, the Netherlands, on 20 September 2003. It was found at c 13:00 and could be observed until dark (c 20:00) by over 200 observers. It was aged as a first-winter based on plumage, yellow inner side of the bill and moult contrast in the greater coverts. It was presumably a male because of the obvious blue tinge on the plumage. This is the first record for the Netherlands. The species is a rare vagrant in central and western Europe, with records outside breeding areas in Belgium (1), Britain (5), Germany (2+), Finland (2), Slovakia (3) and Sweden (1) (cf table 1).

Enno B Ebels, Joseph Haydnlaan 4, 3533 AE Utrecht, Nederland
Arjen van Gilst, Van Cittersstraat 25, 4333 KT Sint Laurens, Nederland