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Dutch Birding volume 27 (2005) no 1


Taxa names in Dutch Birding 

From 1 January 2005, Dutch Birding will use new names or new taxonomic treatments for several taxa (see table 1). For taxa on the Dutch list, these changes follow decisions taken by the Dutch committee for avian systematics (CSNA; Sangster et al 1999, 2003), as is the case for a number of changes introduced on 1 January 2002, 1 January 2003 and 1 January 2004 (cf Redactie Dutch Birding 2002, 2003, 2004). For WP taxa not (yet) recorded in the Netherlands, Dutch Birding follows the advice of CSNA members. From 1 January 2004, Dutch Birding follows Dickinson (2003) in stead of Sibley (1996) for all other taxa, unless the treatment is overruled by decisions published by CSNA and/or the editors of Dutch Birding. For English names of Palearctic taxa, mostly Beaman (1994) is followed.