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Roze Spreeuw

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Dutch Birding volume 35 (2013) no 5


Baillon's Crake in the Netherlands: occurrence and revision of records in 1800-2006

This article presents the results of a review of Baillon's Crake Porzana pusilla records in the Netherlands in 1800-2006. During the period 1976-2006, the species was considered by the Dutch rarities committee (CDNA) but, unlike many other rare bird taxa, the pre-1976 records had not been revised. In the present revision, 265 records were reviewed: 110 records were or remained acceptable (including several breeding records; cf figure 1), and 155 records were or remained not acceptable. Appendix 1a-b lists the accepted records and appendix 2a-b the non-accepted ones. The results of this revision have been adopted by the CDNA.

The number of birds being accepted is 228 (including pulli; if the number of pulli is unknown but more than one, two birds were counted). The monthly distribution is as follows (based on the first record date): April (one), May (26), June (35), July (11), August (17) and September (seven). From 13 breeding records, the month is unknown but, assumingly, these birds were found in May-June. The years with the highest number of records are: 1857 (18), 1858 (10), 1862 (six), 1898 (five), 1957 (seven), 1958 (eight), 1964 (10), 1965 (10), 1971 (11), 1975 (nine) and 2005 (17).

Justin J F J Jansen, Ravelijn 6, 5361 EJ Grave, Nederland