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Dutch Birding volume 36 (2014) no 1


Call of Eastern Crowned Warbler in Katwijk in October 2007

On 5 October 2007, an Eastern Crowned Warbler Phylloscopus coronatus stayed at Katwijk aan Zee, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands. During its stay, a series of calls was recorded from the bush the bird was in. During these calls, the bird was not in view. The calls did not fit any of the common bird species present in that bush but were also unknown from Eastern Crowned Warbler. Therefore, these calls were identified as possibly belonging to Eastern Crowned Warbler. In June 2013, a call of an Eastern Crowned Warbler was recorded on its breeding grounds in Far East Russia. This call was similar to the calls from Katwijk aan Zee. Furthermore, the field guide Birds of East Asia (Brazil 2009), published after 2007, also describes a similar call. The recording from Russia and the description in the new field guide make it very likely that the calls from Katwijk aan Zee were from the Eastern Crowned Warbler indeed.

Recordings of both calls in the sound gallery

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