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Roze Spreeuw

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Dutch Birding volume 36 (2014) no 4


Kumlien's Gull at Scheveningen in December 2013

During strong wind on 24 December 2014, an adult Iceland Gull Larus glaucoides was seen by three observers at sea at Scheveningen, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands, before it disappeared. Due to the weather and the lack of a telescope, it was not until the bird came close (15 m) before some dark markings on the outer primaries were noticed and photographs were made. Pictures showed a darker grey outer web on p8-10, and a grey, subterminal bar on p7 and p8. Although Kumlien's Gull L g kumlieni was immediately considered as a serious option, there was some uncertainty at first as the bird was pale, with a pale iris, and with relatively pale markings on the wing. Based on the opinion of consulted gull experts and discussions on the internet, it transpired that 24% of the wintering Kumlien's in Newfoundland, Canada, are comparable with this bird, some even being paler, and with even less markings on the primaries. After previous records in 2005 and 2011, the bird has been accepted as the third Kumlien's for the Nether­lands.

Vincent van der Spek, Acaciastraat 212, 2565 KJ Den Haag, Nederland