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Naam: Bruine Boszanger / Phylloscopus fuscatus
Plaats: Schifflange - Luxemburg
Datum: 07 november 2012
Toegevoegd: 09 november 2012
Determinatie: Zeker
Hits: 4565
Special voor Marc nog een uitsnede .... ;-)
@Peter: By the way, the "abietinus" had a wing length of 66mm, according to Svensson surely abietinus
(photo Patric Lorgé)
Door: peter de knijff, vrijdag 9 november 2012 19:32
winglength of 66 alone does not impress me, and is not enough. Why, will become more clear later this Winter on this site.
Recent insight by other Swedish scientists studying nominate getting closer and closer to their abietinus population showed that only if using a rather complex formula one could identify most abietinus. On its own, something they call wing pointedness was the best single (but not perfect) character.
Door: Richard Reijnders, zaterdag 10 november 2012 00:56
Wat een fantastische plaat, zeg!
Gewijzigd op: 2012-11-18 17:12:07

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