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Dutch Birding volume 29 (2007) no 4

2007-4 read online

Artikelen / papers
201  Short-billed Gull on Terceira, Azores, in February-March 2003 and identification of the ‘Mew Gull complex’ [Amerikaanse Stormmeeuw op Terceira, Azoren, in februari-maart 2003, en herkenning van het ‘Stormmeeuwen-complex’] Peter Alfrey & Mashuq Ahmad
213  Adult American Herring Gull on Flores, Azores, in December 2005 [Adulte Amerikaanse Zilvermeeuw op Corvo, Azoren, in december 2005] Pierre-André Crochet & Peter Adriaens
218  Dunbekmeeuwen in Nederland in mei 2006 [SLENDER-BILLED GULLS IN THE NETHERLANDS IN MAY 2006] Gert Ottens, Jan-Pieter de Krijger, Peter Lindenburg, Eelke Schoppers & Bob Woets
223  Hybrid Marsh Warbler x Blyth's Reed Warbler with mixed song in Finland in June 2003 [Hybride Bosrietzanger x Struikrietzanger met mengzang in Finland in juni 2003] Antero Lindholm, Staffan Bensch, Françoise Dowsett-Lemaire, Annika Forsten & Hannu Kärkkäinen
  Extra's: Accompanying sound files
232  Geelkoptroepiaal op Texel in mei-juni 1982 [YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD ON TEXEL IN MAY-JUNE 1982] Piet J van Vliet & Enno B Ebels


Recencies / reviews
233  Xeno-canto: bird songs from tropical America (website by Bob Planqué & Willem-Pier Vellinga Vincent van der Spek

Masters of mystery
234  Solutions of third round 2007: Magnificent Frigatebird and Turkestan Shrike; Fourth round 2007 Rob S A van Bemmelen, Dick Groenendijk & Jan Eerbeek

DBA-nieuws / DB-news
238  Wijzigingen DBA-bestuur – Changes in DBA-board

WP reports
239  late May-early July 2007 Arnoud B van den Berg & Marcel Haas

Recente meldingen / recent reports
252  Nederland: mei-juni 2007 Ruud M van Dongen, Remco Hofland & Peter W W de Rouw
265  België: mei-juni 2007 Gerald Driessens

DB actueel
270  Broedende Kleine Vliegenvanger op Schiermonnikoog? [RED-BREASTED FLYCATCHER]; Influx van Vale Gieren in België en Nederland [EURASIAN GRIFFON VULTURES]

Sound recordings accompanying the paper:

Hybrid Marsh x Blyth's Reed Warbler with mixed song in Finland in June 2003 by Antero Lindholm, Staffan Bensch, Françoise Dowsett-Lemaire, Annika Forsten & Hannu Kärkkäinen (Dutch Birding 29: 223-231, 2007)

Imitations in recorded song of hybrid Marsh x Blyth's Reed Warbler Acrocephalus palustris x dumetorum, Espoo, Finland, 19 June 2003


Recording 1
0:00 European Bee-eater Merops apiaster 'gru-gru-gru', with one unidentified high note
0:03 Great Tit Parus major call
0:10 Song of Fork-tailed Drongo Dicrurus adsimilis
0:14 loud 'pie-pie', unidentified
0:15 More song of Fork-tailed Drongo
0:21 'wi-wu, trr, trrr', unidentified
0:24 Common Blackbird Turdus merula calls
0:28 European Goldfinch Carduelis carduelis, mixed with 'sparrow' type calls

Recording 2
0:00 European Goldfinch, mixed with 'sparrow' type calls
0:09 loud 'tju-tju, tji-tji, tju-tju' etc. sounds like some turdid song, possibly Song Trush Turdus philomelos
0:17 Thrush Nightingale Luscinia luscinia calls and variations (may be borrowed indirectly as highly stylised)
0:19 soft 'tchep-tchep-tchep' calls of Scarlet-chested Sunbird Nectarinia senegalensis
0:23 stronger notes 'tchep-tchep-tchep-' of Northern Puffback Dryoscopus gambensis
0:26 unidentified, then Great Tit
0:27 't-tcherr, t-tcherr' of a tchagra Tchagra (could be Brown-crowned Tchagra T australis, more likely Three-streaked Tchagra T jamesi for which we have no tape material at present)
0:28 'diup, pink', of Common Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs
0:31 'douk' of Common Blackbird, alternating with soft 'trr, trr', Blyth's Reed Warbler Acrocephalus dumetorum style
0:39 one call of Blue-headed Wagtail Motacilla flava
0:49 long thin descending whistle of Eurasian Penduline Tit Remiz pendulinus - but could be borrowed from a dumetorum imitating a Remiz etc, this kind of whistles is very typical of Blyth' s Reed Warbler song, the whistles are alternating with 'tec-tec', and 'wu-wu-wu'

Recording 3
0:00 Eurasian Penduline Tit (alternating with 'tec, tec') and the 'wu-wu' notes
0:04 half song of a cisticola Cisticola (rolled notes, mixed which unidentified notes), repeated once, either part of Boran Cisticola C bodessa, but more likely part of a song of Rattling Cisticola C chiniana, which follows (another motif)
0:07 one very clear imitation of a full song of Rattling Cisticola and 'tchep-tchep' calls of Scarlet-chested Sunbird
0:17 Thrush Nightingale type notes and variations, with Blyth' s Reed Warbler / turdid motif (?) 'tju-tju...'
0:27 Blue-headed Wagtail
0:29 'ti-tchuaa, ti-tchuaa', probably of Northern Puffback
0:40 Disyllabic song, accentuated, unidentified
0.47 nice fluty three-note song (Blyth's Reed Warbler style) and other imitation of a possible turdid
0:48 Great Tit calls, then two calls of tchagra 't-tchèè'
0:50 'diu-pink' (Common Chaffinch, tit?)
1:00 'pui, pui', followed by European Bee-eater
1:05 Great Tit
1:15 Common Blackbird, several calls, including juvenile
1:30 loud 'pîe-pîe-pîe'
1:34 Common Linnet Carduelis cannabina
1:37 rhythmic song, style of Icterine Warbler Hippolais icterina or Blyth's Reed Warbler
1:49 ascending whistle of Red-pate Cisticola Cisticola ruficeps, repeated, but the first one very clear
1:52 'tchep-tchep' of Scarlet-chested Sunbird
1:54 European Goldfinch
2:01 Some 'tchlep' calls, then louder 'tchrep' of Northern Puffback, then two whistles alternating, very pure. Pure whistles could come from a robin-chat Cossypha but impossible to be sure; timbre is right for Rüppell's Robin-chat C semirufa.
2:24 Calls of House Sparrow Passer domesticus, alternating with 'trr' (dumetorum?)
2:31 thin call 'pee-pee' of Tawny-flanked Prinia Prinia subflava, alternating with 'tchec-tchec'; in all, the bird does it three times: 'pee-tchec-tchec, pee-tchec-t. etc.' (the 'tchec-tchec' are probably an imitation of something else).
2:40 two-note motif, metallic song, unidentified
2:47 rain call of Common Chaffinch. This type of Common Chaffinch rain call is not used in the area where this bird was recorded.
2:50 Eurasian Magpie Pica pica call alternating with ascending whistle of Red-pate Cisticola. This is a very typical construction for a Marsh Warbler Acrocephalus palustris. They like to alternate very contrasting notes taken from different species.
3:04 'tju-tju' series (turdid?), Nightingale type calls, one 'rue' call of Blue-cheeked Bee-eater Merops persicus. This section is a good example of the Espoo bird sounding like Blyth's Reed Warbler (only slightly faster).
3:15 more 'tju-tju-', then Thrush Nightingale, then 'tchep tchep' of Scarlet-chested Sunbird
3:34 'tju-tju', one call of Common Goldfinch, more 'tchep tchep' of Scarlet-chested Sunbird
3:39 disyllabic calls, possibly of Northern Puffback
3:41 strong 'tchep-tchep' of Northern Puffback
3:44 (quick Common Linnet?), then pure three-note whistle (turdid?);
3.50 'tchèè-tchèè-tchèè' (tchagra?)

Recording 4
0:00 loud calls of Common Bulbul Pycnonotus barbatus
0:07 descending whistle of Penduline Tit, alternating with 'trr-trr-trr' (dumetorum style)
0:19 Common Blackbird, several calls
0:30 rain call of Common Chaffinch, with 'tec tec' of European Robin Erithacus rubecula
0:35 Common Bulbul, then disyllabic unidentified sound, then high laughter, which is a frequent motif in palustris, an unidentified imitation
0:41 unidentified, then 'rue-rue-rue' of Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, very clear.
0:50 descending whistle of Eurasian Penduline Tit, Thrush Nightingale calls, one 'rue' of Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, quick 'tji-tji'