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Rose-coloured Starling
Siberian Rubythroat

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Subscribe to Dutch Birding

The subscription rates for 2014 are EUR 40.00 (countries inside Europe) and EUR 43.00 (countries outside Europe). The subscription starts upon receipt of payment.

A foreign subscription can be entered as follows:

  • If you are a citizen of a country using the Euro, you can make a bank payment to the Dutch Birding Association at Amsterdam, Netherlands; IBAN NL95 INGB 0000 1506 97 BIC INGBNL2A.
  • Credit card (Access, Eurocard, MasterCard or Visa). Please send your credit-card details (card number, expiry date, security code) and appending signature to the address below or to our e-mail address. [Note: Subscribers in the Netherlands and Belgium are advised not to pay by credit card.]
  • Subscribers in the UK are requested to pay by Sterling cheque (GBP 35.00).

For subscription or related matters, please contact us at: Dutch Birding Association, c/o Maartje Bakker, Postbus 75611, 1070 AP Amsterdam, Netherlands; e-mail: