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Volume 22 number 6 2000

This special issue of Dutch Birding only contains the following main identification paper:

Special Issue Volume 22 number 6 2000

Identification of red-backed, isabelline and brown shrikes

Vol. 22 no. 6 is a special issue, entirely devoted to the identification of shrikes Lanius. The paper by Tim Worfolk deals with the identification of the so called 'cristatus sensu lato' group, consisting of redbacked, isabelline and brown shrikes. 'Identification of red-backed, isabelline and brown shrikes', 40 pages, with splendid plates by the author and many high-quality photographs, must be viewed more as a stimulus to further research than as an attempt to write the final word on the subject, says the author. The following taxa, regardless whether they are treated as species or subspecies, are covered: Collurio (Red-backed shrike), phoenicuroides, isabellinus (formerly speculigerus), arenarius (formerly isabellinus, and including tsaidamensis), cristatus, lucionensis and superciliosus. Isabellinus and cristatus are the most likely to occur as a vagrant in Europe, followed by phoenicuroides. Cristatus however has proved to be much rarer than expected. The paper is illustrated with beautiful colour paintings, numerous photographs and a dsitribution map.

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