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List of References by Joe Hobbs

I regularly found myself frustrated when attempting to recall where I had first encountered birding papers, notes etc. So much so that I began to maintain handy lists of references; three of which are now available on this website, i.e., gulls, Phylloscopus warblers and Pterodroma petrels. They cite papers, notes, letters, mystery bird solutions etc published in Alula, Birding, Birding World, Birdwatch, British Birds, Dutch Birding and Limicola as well as other relevant sources. With a few exceptions they do not cite published pictures, which I feel should be included in separate lists or content exclusive to the Web which may be found using search engines.
The lists will be updated periodically and the version number and date of each is indicated on the index page. Other lists are currently in preparation which I hope will be available in the coming months. As far as possible I have attempted to keep typos and errors to a minimum however when you find more I would be grateful for corrections to be sent to
May I thank Dick Coombes, Kieran Fahy and Martin Garner for the cover photographs and for adding them to their website.

Joe Hobbs

List of References can be found here, or via dropdownmenu: Misc/Joe Hobbs'list of references (Diversen/Joe Hobbs'list of references).



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